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Brand Management

Logo Redesign - Black and Decker

This project was an assignment that was given to me during my time a the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire. The concept was to take an existing brand concept, I chose Black and Decker®, and modernize it. The object was to give it new perspective while staying true to the existing idealization and recognizability of the brand. My intention was to show the brands strength. Two interlocking rectangles that cannot be broken. This design still encompassed some of the originality of the current logo while also giving the company a chance to show they stand behind and believe in their product.






Signs and Displays - Best Buy

During my employment with Best Buy I had the opportunity to make several advertising signs and sales propoganda. I enjoyed doing it and I recieved a lot of praise from the managment and staff. The real reward, however, was seeing customers look at the signs I created and seeing their reactions. The most important part of any signage is how it relates to the audience. I strive to find the best ways of presenting information so that can be both appealing and informative. Contact me for information about brand management

Logo Redesign


Advertisement 1

Advertisement 2


Signs and Displays

Going GAGA Ad

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