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Product Packaging

F.O.U.N.D. - University of Wisconsin Graphic Design Project

When I started this project I was very new to the idea of packaging. The core concepts and thought precess behind making good packaging were somewhat obscure to me. I studied and researched many different companies and different strategies the revolve around creating packaging. When I came up with the idea to make products that were affordable and easy access, I began to narrow down my search parameters.

I find that with packaging it's important to remember that you need to comunicate effectively with your audiance, but you only have about five seconds to make an impact. The design has to say "Hey you know what I am, and what I am is exactly what you want". I hope that I have more opportunities to wokr on packaging projects in my future. If you're interested in packaging perhaps we can work together to create something people with surely want, need, and enjoy!


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